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Cocooncenter is the online sale website with the widest choice in French pharmacy products with over 20,700 products from brands such as Physiolac, Luc et Léa, Physiodose, Laboratoires Gilbert, etc.


Santédiscount offers a wide selection of pharmacy products at discount prices. Products from the major laboratories such as Physiolac, Luc et Léa, Physiodose, Liniderm, etc. are available. Santédiscount owes their n°1 position to the personalised advice provided by their team of professionals.


Naturalia is a French dealer that specialises in organic products, fair trade, bio-dynamic farming, etc. Order your Physiolac BIO products now (baby milks and cereals) on Naturalia!


The online parapharmacy Easyparapharmacie offers a catalog of more than 18,000 products and 700 brands from the largest laboratories: Physiolac, Luc and Léa, Physiodose, Liniderm…


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