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Essential nutrients


Vitamin C: 

Why take it: It is an essential vitamin as it is not produced by humans. Vitamin C helps to fight against fatigue and cramps; it increases resistance to infection and encourages iron absorption in the blood. It is essential during pregnancy to keep the mother and baby in good health.

Main sources:  in fresh fruit such as kiwis, guava, mandarins, lemons, oranges, strawberries, mango and some vegetables (peppers, parsley, etc.). 

Vitamin B9:

 Why take it: Vitamin B9 requirements are greatly increased during pregnancy (more than double). This vitamin is particularly used by the foetus for the beginnings of the nervous system. A deficiency or lack of this vitamin can cause malformations and/or congenital defects in the neural tube.

 Main sources: Most vegetables, to be consumed "without moderation"! Vitamin D: 

Vitamin D:

Why take it: Its primary role is to maintain bone integrity for pregnant or breastfeeding women, to ensure skeleton development of the foetus and produce breast milk.
Main sources: in animal-based foods such as fish oils, etc. Also, sun exposure (10 to 15 minutes 2 to 3 times a week) allows vitamin D to be made (in fact, vitamin D3 is made in the skin through the action of UVB rays).

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