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Manage feeds

At the start of breastfeeding, it is preferable to use both breasts one after the other in the one feed so that they are stimulated and that breastfeeding is well established and abundant. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to switch breasts during the same feed. 

Bear in mind that the amount of milk made depends on what your baby consumes: The more he/she drinks, the quicker milk is made and vice-versa.  


When one breast feeds, engorgement can occur resulting from it being hard for milk to get out. Milk remains stored in breasts, compromises circulation and can cause painful oedema.

Should this occur:

Start feeds as early as possible,

Manually get some milk out or use a breast pump as soon as your breasts become painful.
Apply a pad, cotton wool or warm bathing glove to your chest before a feed and a cold one after the feed.
Feed from the painful side,
Do not restrain your breasts in a bra that is too tight,
Change breastfeeding position, If pain and pressure persists, see your doctor.

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