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baby and his bottle

Between 0 and 6 months

Making up a bottle

A few precautions: 

To control the temperature of the bottle, the back of your hand is not sensitive enough. Test it on the inside of your wrist. A bottle that is too hot can burn a baby's mouth and tongue. Avoid heating water in a microwave.

Important: Not preparing bottles properly can pose a risk to your baby's health. 



1) Wash the bottle, teat ring, teat and cap with washing-up liquid and a bottle brush. It is very important to check that there is no milk left in the bottle. Even a tiny amount can quickly become a "culture".

2) It is strongly recommended to sterilise bottles, teats and other accessories up to the age of 4 months.

3) Once a pack of milk is opened, it must be hermetically sealed with the plastic cover and kept in a cool dry place.

More information can be found on the back of packs of milk or in the "our products" section.

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