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Between 6 and 12 months

Infant cereals: Gentle variation

Infant cereals vary your child's diet gradually.

They are a source of slow carbohydrates. They mainly consist of rice flours, quinoa, wheat (from 4 months or 6 months if they contain gluten [wheat, barley for example], and corn starch. Powdered vegetables or fruits are added to these ingredients.

Adding these cereals to your baby's usual milk varies the diet whilst continuing with milky foods. Your child will therefore discover new and varied tastes in a world which he/she knows well and which is reassuring:  formula milk.

As well as providing new tastes, infant cereals have the advantage of being able to be added at variable proportions to thicken the feed; semi-liquid or more consistent purées, learning to use a spoon is facilitated.

Physiolac offers you its organic infant cereals: Physio Bio Cereals (link to Physio cereals page)

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