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Between 0 and 6 months

Formula milk

There are several types of formula milk to satisfy the specific requirements of infants.  

Standard milk and "follow-on" milk

Standard milk is suitable for most infants, when all is well. There are "follow-on" milks which are more suitable for breastfed infants for easy weaning. Choose a milk similar to breast milk, i.e. with a protein ratio as follows: caseins/soluble proteins identical or close to 40/60. All milk provides essential fatty acids, all vitamins and all minerals which your baby needs, in accordance with regulations.

"Follow-on" milk is generally enriched with prebiotics or probiotics, to preserve the correct intestinal flora for a breast fed baby.

See your pharmacist or doctor who can advise you on weaning your baby.

Hypo-allergenic milk  (HA) 

These are milks that are used if there is a risk of allergy, i.e. in children with a family history of allergies.

In HA milk, the allergenic capacity of proteins has been reduced, so there is less risk of the baby being allergic (allergy to cow's milk proteins, eczema, etc.). 

Milk and lactose-free foods 

Milk and lactose-free foods are generally for babies with diarrhoea. They are also suitable for lactose-intolerant babies and children. When a baby has diarrhoea, lactose is removed because as it is poorly digested, it can cause discomfort such as colic and/or worsening diarrhoea. 

Milk and anti-reflux foods (AR) 

Anti-reflux milk is pre-thickened formula that lessens reflux. The thickeners in these milks are generally carob and starch. Carob is a good thickener but it can cause intestinal fermentation, bloating and constipation. Carob thickens from the bottle. 

Use an anti-reflux milk thickened with starch, it will have fewer side effects and will remain a liquid in the bottle (starch only thickens in the stomach). 

Hungry or Nutri-regulation milk:  

Hungry milk contains more slow carbohydrates than standard milk, thereby delaying the hunger sensation in babies.

They can also substitute standard milk for the evening feed to delay the first bottle the following day.

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