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12 months +

Emotional and linguistic development

About the age of one, a baby develops self-awareness. He/she can recognise themselves in a mirror and in photos. He/she likes to monopolise attention and gets jealous when affection is shown to others. 

Between 12 and 18 months, a baby's vocabulary increases by a few words and understands simple things: no, give, well done, goodbye, etc.

From 18 months on, a baby will develop strong emotions that he/she increasingly expresses, such as fear, anger and joy. He/she is attached to people but also to objects. This is when they can be calmed more easily. 

He/she also starts to put 2 or 3 words together to express ideas. He/she starts to understands nuances between opposites: top/bottom, large/small, etc.

After 2 years, your child reacts to the feelings of others and can show empathy. He/she needs approval and encouragement from others. 

It is only after the age of 3 when they really start to say complete sentences. He/she can count and can say their name and age.

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