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The second trimester

6th month of pregnancy

Changes in the mother

Your stomach is even rounder and becomes heavy. The weight of the baby can cause back pain. To avoid back pain, you can do stretching exercises for the spinal column and change your posture: back straight when sitting down, avoid shoes with heels and soft mattresses, don't carry anything heavy, bend knees and not the back when picking something up, get out of bed using the seated position.

Iron requirements are significant in the second trimester. If you don't have sufficient iron stores, deficiencies can occur and cause anaemia. Your doctor may prescribe iron to resolve this.

Changes to the foetus

The foetus moves more and more (up to 20 times an hour) but sleeps for on average 16 to 20 hours a day. Hair grows, eyelids and eyelashes are completely formed.

Skin develops and an oily film covers the baby's body.

Senses start to develop, the baby reacts to noise and voices around it.
The foetus measures approx. 35 cm and weighs 1 kg.

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